Thursday, 8 October 2015

Original Play

I have just been to a lecture this evening where Fred Donaldson talked about Original Play... from the very start of his journey into play 40 years ago.

There was very much that struck a chord with me... the importance of play, the need to release fear and let love guide decisions (as there are more choices available when thinking through love than there are when thinking through fear). That we can learn about children, humanity through play. The importance of imagination and the importance of feeling safe in order to play and learn.

There were times when I felt disconnected to his words - either I have not reached this place/space where he finds himself - or they are not on my play/learning journey, they were interesting words all the same...

If you are interested in learning more about original play... then why not take the time to watch this film and see what you make of it...

I feel I need more time to reflect... and to also reflect together with my colleagues who also attended - so I can get a fuller and richer perspective.

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  1. Here there is another video, where F.D. shows a bit what he does.

    In my work experience I have worked as psychomotor educator in a center where we helped children with behavioural problem, for different reason but any situation was pathological and needed psychological treatment and medicine, children just needed to express themselves in a different way. They needed mostly physical contatct. It is not so easy for an adult to go back to his childhood and play as a child, mostly we play as an adult and we built our play with children with a scaffold inside us of right and wrong, judgement, sometimes also shame to show us as a child. This situation is both at home and at school, but in this last case we are always so committed to document, to produce things to show to the parents cause it seems that if we don't show something "concrete"/"material" we are not good educator.
    I think we should put down time to time our "tools" like pens, camera, notebook, etc...and sit more with the children, playing on the ground, giving more physical contact. We, as human being, need contact with others and through the contact we can be more sure cause we feel accepted. I have always played on the pavement with the children, this has brought to me time to time critics or "strange eyes" from other educators, but always good responses from the children, and this is what matters.